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Opportunities for one-on-one personalized partnership towards realization of individual potential

We view inherent POTENTIAL as most intimately tied to two core aspects of living – genuine purpose and authentic connection.
We’ll work at building your facility to find CHOICES where there appear to be none and home in on choices where there appear to be countless.
We will address challenges but always with an eye to move FORWARD in the way of practical action.
We will enable you to effectively INTEGRATE personal goals and organizational goals as you navigate the complexities of working in and leading teams.

Using our proprietary models, we will work together to uncover: a. your inherent potential, b. that which is posing obstacle to reaching your inherent potential, and c. practical, ongoing steps to traverse these obstacles and tangibly experience your inherent potential.

In this vein, we will create a safe space for dynamic exploration, act as a mirror to see your life and your self, share in struggles, bounce off ideas, help in prioritization, and lend our own insights, as we co-create a plan of action for the achievement of your goal.


  • Rasanath and Hari Prasada facilitated a retreat for CARE’s Strategic Partnerships team as we emerged from a period of significant organizational transition, including the merger of another team into ours. They used a logical progression to help us reach a very practical conclusion about our purpose and way forward. The exercises were appropriately challenging. We are immediately able to implement the results via integration into our annual operating plan and special team initiatives. Rasanath and Hari Prasada created an environment that gave everyone on the team, including our two new members, the confidence to contribute. They kept us motivated by effectively reading the team’s mood and allocating time well. We only wish we could have more time with them!

    -Marcela Hahn, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances at CARE USA

  • Hari Prasada and Rasanath create a trusting yet challenging environment that is fertile for discovery. They challenge conventional management techniques and present refreshing alternatives. Their research is thorough and intelligent, their approach imaginative, and their delivery humorous and graceful. They heighten our internal sense of awareness and present the incredible promise that the power to change exists within each of us.

    -John Servin, Director of Asset Management and Retirement Planning at The Fleischer Jacobs Group

  • I’ve attended more than a dozen team retreats and the Upbuild Visioning offsite really stood out for its simple, profound approach and practical, tangible outcomes – not to mention the exceptional facilitation style, which was both motivating and calming.

    -Paul Towne, Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances at CARE USA

  • Rasanath and Hari bring both nuanced complexity and elegant simplicity to their facilitation of the Enneagram work with teams and individuals. They integrate exquisite care and sensitivity, with fortitude and challenge, resulting in an ideal environment for reflection, growth and risk. They are highly attuned to group dynamics and handle them deftly and skillfully in order to get to the heart of what is at play within a team and guide team members to new ways of seeing and understanding each other. As a result, life-changing transformation can occur both at the individual level and the team/system level. Their fierce intellect is only matched by their profound humility. I highly recommend them!

    -Annie Perrin, Senior Vice President of Faculty and Content at The Energy Project

  • I think that we are being asked more and more frequently to forget that we and those with whom we work are human - we are expected to manufacture ideas, pump out creative content, and never disconnect from work, all leading to a sense that we are not being recognized as holistic beings with hearts and souls and brains that need nourishment through connection and introspection. That is one of the reasons the work of Upbuild is so essential. It has given me a new language with which I could describe how I experience the world. Understanding nine ego lenses has helped me to feel connected to a tribe of people who experience the world in a similar way and who may have many of the same struggles. At the same time, it has also helped me increase my appreciation for the value that each different lens brings to the world. This vocabulary prompts me to have important conversations about our individual experiences and viewpoints. I had an amazing experience with Upbuild and I would recommend it to anyone.

    -Jessica Lawrence, Executive Director at NY Tech Meetup

Thank you for your interest in Upbuild. Please stay tuned for updates and upcoming events. We look forward to having you with us soon!