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Enneagram 101
A Profound Tool for Understanding Yourself and Others
Saturday June 15, 3:30pm – 8pm
The Bhakti Center, 25 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10003
We want to invite you and your friends to a special gathering for our Enneagram 101 workshop coming up June 15 from 3:30pm-8pm, followed by dinner. Many of you have requested an abridged version of our full-weekend immersions and this is it! This will serve as introduction to the Types for those unfamiliar as well as spirited refresher of the basics for those into the work to keep sharpening our understanding and empathy. We’d love to see you and the people in your life who may not be able to take out a full weekend at this time.
Through the workshop, we’ll get a brief overview of the nine personality types and help with the self-work that will bring us more and more into our own. For this event, we’re fortunate to partner with Bhagavat Life (owner of Divya’s Kitchen, the critically acclaimed East Village restaurant recently voted as OpenTable’s Diner’s Choice Award for 2018). We’ll close with a wonderful meal thanks to them! Spots are limited. Below is a description of the workshop.

Workshop Description

What are the motivations, insecurities and emotions that are silently affecting your every action and relationship? 

The workshop revolves around the nine distinct personality types of the Enneagram, which is a powerful system for better understanding ourselves and others, and a robust tool for personal development and transformation. Together we will examine each of the nine types, learn about the basic motivations, fears and desires of each type, help you determine your type, discuss how to maximize each type’s potential and minimize predictable pitfalls, and provide practical exercises to work through your blind spots.
  This workshop will serve as an introduction and sharpener of Enneagram intelligence to help you decode the primary motivations and unconscious biases that affect your every action and relationship. Through the experience, you’ll begin to:  
  • Leverage your strengths and manage the pitfalls of your specific personality type
  • Navigate natural tensions with the people in your life
  • Inspire others to show more of themselves
  • Develop greater understanding and empathy
  • Create a common language by which people can talk about motivations and insecurities
  • Lead your life with intention
  To work effectively in the different contexts of life, you have to see your blind spots clearly because what you don’t see is still affecting your decisions and the people around you. If you don’t see your blind spots, you’ll act on your insecurities, which only increases the stress and pain. When you understand yourself deeply, you can ride the uncertainty, make the hard decisions, and have difficult conversations thoughtfully and intentionally as opposed to impulsively and insecurely.

Thank you for your interest in Upbuild. Please stay tuned for updates and upcoming events. We look forward to having you with us soon!