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The Enneagram in Relationships
Bringing out the best in one another
Tuesday May 21, 7-9:45pm
Price: $25
Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

To live a truly fulfilling and prosperous life, we all need to improve the quality and depth of our relationships. On Tuesday evening, May 21st, we will build off our knowledge and insights from the “Excavating our Ego” workshop as we dig deeper into the relationships between types on the Enneagram.

Specifically, we will select two pairs of Enneagram types (four types in total), review the key characteristics of each type, see a variety of examples in movies, TV, and pop culture, and then talk about what the relationship might look like for each of these pairs.

We will answer the questions…

- what does each type bring to relationships?

- what are the potential trouble spots for each type in relationships?

- what kinds of things can you do when the other person is functioning in the “controlling” level of consciousness?

- how can each type nurture and bring out the best characteristics of the other?

The intention is that this workshop can be useful for you in all aspects of your life — dating and romantic relationships, at work with your bosses and colleagues, with your family members, and with your friends.

We will begin the workshop with a meditation.

Thank you for your interest in Upbuild. Please stay tuned for updates and upcoming events. We look forward to having you with us soon!